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The 3 Interview Questions

When you are sitting across the desk from the hiring manager in your next interview remember that there are 3 key things they are listening for: ​

  1. CAN you do the job? Have you got the skills, expertise and experience to do the job?

  2. WILL you do the job? Are you enthusiastic and interested in the job and the company?

  3. Will you FIT? Will you fit into the team, culture and company?​

Once they have decided that the answer to all 3 of these questions is "Yes" and extend an offer, you will need to decide if the company is right for you. The next step is to ask each of the following 3 questions about this opportunity:

  1. By joining this company, will I make best use of my skills and expertise and will they help me to grow them further?

  2. Is the company excited about having me work for them and will they give me the necessary support?

  3. Is the company culture the right fit for me so that I can flourish and be myself?

Remember that the interview is a conversation, and as such, flows both ways. Be engaged and engaging, listen and share, and remember to consider the offer carefully before accepting.

Happy Hunting!

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About Jennifer :

Jennifer uses story and narrative to help people make successful and meaningful career transitions. She believes in the power of storytelling to change lives! Jennifer is the founder of Write Life Design (

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