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Planting Winter Seeds

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are in winter and that means rain, grey, and very short days. I heard someone call it “blanket and tea” weather once, which sounds charming, but the reality is not quite so quaint. Shorter days for me lead to a decrease in productivity. But I’m also finding that what I do create and conceptualize in winter has some important seeds (ideas, dreams, goals) that can only be planted when the day turns dark at 4 pm. These winter seeds, like so many fragile ideas, must be buried deep and protected until they are ready to poke their tender shoots into the light of day. My winter seeds have been career and family-focused, new business ideas, and even fitness goals. But they have also involved hobbies, developing new friendships, and being more involved in my community.

Whatever my winter seed is, if it survives and germinates, I know I am on to something. If it dies in the ground then it wasn’t meant to flourish and come to light and I’ll have to try again next winter or move onto to something else. The slower pace and thoughtfulness that goes into idea planting in the winter is necessary even though I don’t always remember how important this time is when I am in the middle of it. After all – I am solar-powered and love the summer sun! But without a dark winter, I doubt my appreciation for sun would be so powerful and I may not slow down enough to dig deeply and plant those seeds.

So in the midst of a busy holiday, end-of-year season with parties and travel and those last minute deliverables, remember to power down and regenerate. Dig deep and plant seeds now that will bear fruit in the year to come.

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